March 23, 2010

A Palm Sunday Parable: Bye, Bye Birdies

One of the advantages of living in a town where the average age is 29, is that there are children everywhere. I find children frequently offer parables about life in God's kingdom.

For example, a few days ago as I headed out of the Y, I saw an adorable toddler walking out the front door, holding her mother's hand, pointing to the sky, saying , "Birds, birds." Her mother tried to hurry her along, but the little girl was fascinated by the birds overhead. Finally, the dad, who was holding the door open, coaxed the child to walk faster. Then I heard the little voice saying, "Bye bye birds. Bye bye birds."

Later when I told a friend this story, she said, "Sometimes I am the little girl , focused and present to what is happening around me; sometimes I am the mother, hurrying along, preoccupied with my own list of things to do, missing the wonders of the kingdom. Sometimes I'm the father, waiting impatiently, getting frustrated with people who don't move fast enough."

Imagine you are in the crowd as Jesus enters Jerusalem that Sunday. Are you the little girl, waving a palm branch, watching Jesus pass by, noticing every detail? Are you the mother, scurrying around the marketplace, much too busy to see anything beyond her own needs? Or are you the father, curious but impatient to get this, whatever it is, over with?

Who are you today?

Jacquie Reed, Fishers, Indiana

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