March 4, 2010

Do you love Jesus but not the church? (new poll)

I've spoken with several people recently about the impact of being a ministry spouse (or a minister themselves) on one's personal faith.

For some, negative experiences in ministry have challenged their faith as they ask, "God, why would you call me/my spouse to this?" or "God, where are you in all this?" For some, a spiritual malaise has set in as they are unable to find spiritual nourishment in their current ministry setting and God feels very distant. For others, troubles in the church have brought pain but increased their reliance on God.

And for others, ministry is a wonderful, nourishing experience that has only strengthened their faith (I've heard they exist. ;0)

For me, I think I'd describe my faith with the words of the popular book They Like Jesus but Not the Church. I love God, I want to worship enthusiastically, I want to serve him and people everywhere, but it is seeming like all to often, the church has very little to do with those endeavors. And that disconnect causes me great distress.

Take the poll in the sidebar to share how your faith is affected. Positive, negative, or neutral? Feel free to elaborate in the comments.


  1. My spouse and I had this conversation the other night. My spouse can clearly distinguish between God and the church. My views differ a little, because the church, for me, is more about relationships and friedships. I do know that God is not finished with any of us, but as a spouse I have been hurt in the name of Christ more than once. Humility and repentance are in short supply among a lot of lay leadership. Yet, I have also seen true saints in the church; but there are far too few. The church is often just a reflection of the world; yet sometimes, it is really the hands and feet of Christ. So, at the same time, my faith is tested, strengthened, yet also foiled by church people. When I get discouraged, I have to think of these kind, generous souls who have ministered to me.

  2. My faith is definately stronger. I have learned to rely on God for strength, guidance, and mostly wisdom(or a hand over my mouth).