March 19, 2010

May God send you angels

Dear Friends,
This weekend is our annual spouse retreat. I understand we have a great group coming. Hope to see you soon.

On another note, being a pastor's spouse has given me many wonderful opportunities that I wouldn't have had otherwise. Perhaps as the days become brighter and warmer, it is easier to see the positives. Please remember that you are not alone. Anything you have experienced or are experiencing has happened before. If you need to connect, there are always folks willing to listen. While it is true, that spouses have to exercise care in finding safe persons in whom to confide, there are some available. It is true that when a person is hurting that is the most difficult time to reach out and risk. But God never meant for us to bear anything alone.

My prayer for you is that God will send you angels to surround you with God's ever-seeking love. If you need help, please ask. If you know of someone struggling, don't just stand by.
Last Sunday, I heard this story from a friend. A young mother kept forgetting to pick up her kids from baseball practice and even pack their lunches. Her friends were gathered waiting for ball practice to end and started talking about her behind her back. Finally, one stated in exasperation, "What's wrong with her?" To that, one of the friends mentioned that the mother had a stroke last year and hadn't been right since. "Good grief," my friend said, "Do you mean that she forgets because of the stroke damage? And you've known the whole time? Why didn't you speak up? The poor woman needs help." My friend, then walked away in disgust to find the mother's kids and take them home.

What my friend said, however, is telling. She said that she would never look at these "friends" in the same way again.

What we say is important, but what we don't say can be just a destructive.

If you know of someone who needs kindness or friendship, why not be the first to offer rather than pass by on the other side of the road? May God forgive us all.

Grace, Kathy

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  1. I agree... God will teach us so much if/when we are open to instruction.

    I know from my own life and experiences as a pastor's daughter and then pastor's wife that I do not know really anything about another's situation. Even if I think I do... I do not.
    There is a BIG picture... A WHOLE story... And I don't know it!

    The GOOD NEWS: God Almighty does!
    If I come with a concerned heart for that person or family and give that concern to HIm... that is the most powerful, loving gift I could give. I might then offer my healing services of nurturing massage, healing touch, clinical aromatherapy, and holy listening if needed.
    Maybe send a sweet card. Meet for lunch. Be the friend they need.

    I personally no longer listen to anyone talk negatively about a pastor and/or his family. (or basically anyone) I will not listen to gossip. I will not listen about any mistakes or how it could/should be a different way... If they had just done this or that!

    I offer a challenge...
    let's speak about anyone/everyone as if they were present!

    If we as MM did that, what a wonderful model we would be!
    We may also find less people in our congregations that would be willing to listen to or speak gossip about us!

    I am offering my healing services... if I may be of help to you and/or your family or someone you know that is in need.

    My prayer is I will not ever pass up an opportunity to help someone in need when it is mine to do!