March 31, 2010

God's Greatest Gift

A few years ago, as one of my daughters and I were having a rather heated discussion, I finally said in exasperation that she should be grateful for all my sacrifices. (Ever said something like that to your kids?) She looked at me calmly and replied how could she know any different? She had never not known. For her it was hard to be grateful for something she didn't recognize as out of the ordinary. Her wisdom really made me pause.

In my Sunday School last week, we were talking about Holy Week and the teacher asked if it made an impact on our daily lives. To my utter sadness, most of the folks in the class said, No. They might come to church an extra time or two, but by-and-large, they really didn't do anything special for Easter. And that led to a long discussion about the differences between Christmas and Easter.

But how very sad, to take for granted God's greatest gift of grace. God's sacrifice of Jesus for us. Our salvation often counts for so little in our daily lives. But like children, perhaps we can't know what we've ever not known. God's grace is in the air we breathe. But many have never known that the love of God even exists. If we become more aware, perhaps we can be more visible witnesses.


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