June 10, 2010

Remember Who You Are

You've probably heard the story about the Mom who said, before her daughter left on a date, "Just remember who you are." I find these comforting words in many church situations.

Last Sunday during our "Joys and Concerns" time, the guest preacher (my spouse was away) followed the congregational tradition and asked if there were any birthdays or anniversaries. I raised my hand because we had just celebrated our anniversary. She called on me and made the appropriate comments, but it was clear that she didn't know that I was the pastor's wife. That was OK with me, but my friend, sitting next to me, started to protest, saying, "But she [the preacher] needs to say more, because you're..." I cut her off and said, "It's all good. Don't worry."

The whole incident was kinda funny to me, because I had so many different mixed feelings all at once. First, I was glad to be just another church member celebrating. Second, I was sad that my husband wasn't there to share the moment. But third, I was a little sorry that the preacher didn't make more of it.

There are times that being the pastor's wife makes me feel special, but then I have to remind myself of who I am. I'm not a role or a professional Christian. I'm not special because I'm somebody's spouse, but I am one blessed woman whose been married for all her adult life.

What about you? What reminds you of who you really are?

Grace, Kathy

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