June 23, 2010

Need a Laugh?

If you need a laugh or want to hear some great stories, check out Jeanne Robertson on YouTube or ITunes or at JeanneRobertson.com.

Speaking to thousands of people annually, Jeanne Robertson utilizes her style to illustrate that a sense of humor is much more than a laughing matter. It is a strategy for success. Jeanne is also an active member of Front Street United Methodist Church in Burlington, North Carolina and on the Board of Trustees at Elon University. This former Miss North Carolina and Miss Congeniality winner in the Miss America Pageant, “Yearrrrrrrrrrrs ago,” uses her down-home Southern drawl and values to leave her audiences laughing and thinking.

She just did a fund raiser here in Nashville at Brentwood UMC and raised over $17,000 for flood victims.

You'll love her.


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