June 14, 2010

Annual Conference Time (new poll)

For United Methodists, May and early June mean one thing--Annual Conferences! Here in Tennessee, ours is going on right now, which means my husband is staying at his parents' house for a couple days to be closer to the host church, and I'm doing the single parent thing for a couple days!

Last year, my hubby was being commissioned, so I went just for the big commissioning/ordination service. I have yet to attend a spouse's luncheon--not really my thing--so this year I won't be going at all.

How about you?

Take this week's poll in the sidebar to declare whether you're going to conference or not, or just for an event or two. Or, if you're not United Methodist (this blog is for you too--we're just sensing a majority here!) share that instead!

Happy holy conferencing!

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