June 7, 2010

Listen to God and not Adversity

In morning devotionals, Charles Stanley and others hit on the point of my inadequacies and my uselessness to anybody -- definitely to God as well as to others, certainly to myself -- when I try to rely on my own power. Then, in another sector of meditation was the wanting to be get to some sort of secular comfort zone both in image (wanting to be be younger, better looking, popular) and desires (for power, sexual lusts, you name it). Charles Stanley used Psalm 127: 1-2 to get my attention.

Bottom line: I have to focus and ask God to mold and direct me.

Yes, God is faithful and is performing "life-saving" events in my life, not only saving my wife from either being seriously injured or killed in an auto accident the other day, but just saving a wretch like me in spite of myself.

In considering the beatitudes that Jesus addressed to me from the Sermon on the Mount, the Savior says:. "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy." I need to get more in the mercy business as I oftentimes have little or no mercy for others or myself.

I believe that God will give at least me the option of being more merciful if I give my attention and commitment to such groups like the Restore Ministries, those that surround me, and to His Almighty Presence through the Holy Spirit.

I just need to listen better to Him and not to all of the adversity that surrounds.

Joe Macupa,

(Joe's spouse is a deployed chaplain)

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  1. Hi Joe! Welcome to the spouses blog, and thank you for the reminders that we do need to make sure God's is the loudest voice in our lives and the one that we turn to first.