June 1, 2010

Not Just 9-to-5 (New Poll!)

Pastors work a lot. (Duh!) Much of that is behind the scenes, leading parishioners to ask that ever-annoying question "So what do you do the rest of the week?"

Last week's poll revealed that many of our spouses don't even take an official day off! 35% said "if they're in town, they're on duty!" Fortunately, 41% do take one day off a week for some much-needed relaxation and family time.

My husband and I took this past Sunday off, spending the night in a hotel after our friends' wedding Saturday night and attended worship the next day at a church of another denomination. It was a refreshing break! Sometimes, I really wish we could be a "normal" couple, going to church together at a place of our own choosing and able to leave town for the weekend on a whim without months of advance notice and preparation! Oh, what life might be like if my husband were a "9-to-5er" like me! 40 or so hours a week, at a specific location (not hospital rooms and coffeeshops all over town!)

Which leads me to the question, how many hours a week does your spouse work?
Do you even know? I would be hard-pressed to make an estimate! (which is why there is an IDK option!)
Take this week's poll in the sidebar and let everybody know!

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