June 25, 2010

Loving and Being Loved by Special People in the Church

Today, Mike, (my husband) had the funeral for 80 year-old Betty, a beloved and longtime member of the congregation. Betty fell last week and broke her hip. Unfortunately, her body did not respond well to the anesthetic, and she died three days later.

I am so sad that Betty died -- in fact, I told Mike that I had to see her at the funeral home before I could believe she was gone.

Betty never missed church. She and her friend, Mary, folded the bulletins every Friday. Betty was one of the leaders of the quilting group that met Monday afternoon. When I occasionally visited the quilters, Betty was always so eager to show me her latest project.

Betty, however, was one of my energizing persons. It seems that every Sunday I have numerous people come and weigh me down, telling me about their challenges. I like to welcome these people, but sometimes I leave church exhausted. Betty also came to me every Sunday. I began asking her about her latest quilting project, and once she told me that her daughter was also named Jackie, that sealed our friendship.

What makes Betty stand out for me is that she always asked what I was doing. She was interested in me as a person. She knew that I was interested in her and she reciprocated. Not many people do that.

Last Sunday I kept looking for Betty in "her pew." I looked for her after church. I just couldn't believe that "my energizer Betty" was gone. I'll really miss Betty for her gift of presence to me. There have been so few through the years that stand out in the way she did.

May God comfort her family and friends who mourn her passing.

Jacquie Reed, Fishers, Indiana

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  1. What a nice tribute to someone in your congregation. Too often we see the things we don't like, rather than praise the things we do like in our parishioners. Thanks for the reminder.