June 15, 2012

Making a Good Move

It is that time again--time when many of us will be moving to a new church. For me, moving has always been difficult. Perhaps because I never did it as a child. I lived in the same house all my growing-up years. Even though it's hard for me to believe, some spouses really like moving to a new place. Whatever your feelings about moving, we all do it and have to make the best of it.

So here are a few things to keep in mind as you meet your new church folks.

1. Remember that grieving for your old church and old friends is OK. We are a connectional church so leaving is going to be sad.

2. Likewise remember that there are folks in your new church who are grieving the loss of your predecessors. Be kind to them and don't say anything negative about the last family, even if they left the house in a mess.

3. Be gracious and smile. This sounds easy, but we all know it may not be.

4. Be your best self and pray for your new home, new church, and new friends. God is in that new place too.

5. If there are any retired or other clergy spouses in your congregation, reach out to them especially. Likewise do something nice for the church administrative staff. They can be your best allies or worst nightmare.

6. Take advantage of this new start, talk to your spouse, and see how you all can do things better at this new church.

7. Make sure that you get your spouse's vacation and days off on the church calendar quickly.

8. Know that we are praying for you as well.

Grace, Kathy

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