June 27, 2012

Does Your Family Tithe?

Yes, financial giving is a spiritual discipline and I wish it were easier for me. In our family, it has always been my husband who insisted that we tithe. Giving financially to the church has always been difficult for me--although I'm growing. Over the years, our income has increased. But early on in our ministry, money was very tight--now it's just tight. There was more than once that I couldn't get what I wanted from the grocery because the money went to the church instead. Although, I must add that we never went hungry.

And of course, my spouse often spent every waking hour (so it seemed) propping up some dying churches. So I figured that what they didn't get in dollars, they were getting in sweat and time. But the churches slowly turned around and their budgets increased. However, some churches were generous with our salary, while others were less gracious. My spouse said that how the church responded shouldn't effect how we gave, because we give to God. While I know this is true, it's still hard to tell your child they can't do this or that because we don't have the money. And it's hard to watch the church people begrudge the money they pay you or the cheap way they keep up (or not) the parsonage.

But I got better. Then I learned that a vocal church member, one who insisted he was quite important and wise in all financial matters, actually gave almost nothing to the church. I'm not exactly sure how I found out, but I think one of the trustees let it slip. What that member did and how he talked was all for show. Still, I wasn't much better with my attitude, so I began to pray. What came to me was that God really wanted what was best for me and loved me. God didn't want me to be hungry or angry or resentful. And God could help me, but it would be an uphill struggle--anything worthwhile is. So I've not arrived, but I do let my spouse handle our financial commitments. Yes, we discuss it and agree, but I let him take the lead and I just keep praying.

Grace, Kathy


  1. Yes we tithe. We additionally give to special events or fundraisers, people in need and support several Christian Charities and missions along with participating in child sponsorship. I believe giving is essential to Christian living. Bottom line, we tithe, but we give everywhere else we can, even if it's only a teeny little bit.

    From a ministry perspective, in our experience, it has made a positive difference in our relationship with the churches. It helps tremendously when they know we are a part of their church family and endeavor to give among them.

    In our current appointment, the church treasurer was surprised by our giving and confessed that their previous pastor never gave a dime to the church and he was there for two years. It's no wonder that his relationship with them was strained at best.

  2. My husband and I have tithed since marriage and before that each of us tithed. My personal feeling is that a minister can not ask from others what he or she is not willing to do. Over the years there have been times when money was tight, but I've always found that what ever we had was enough.