June 28, 2012

Appointments Guaranteed or Not?

It seems that there are some unexpected wrinkles related to the General Conference action on the guaranteed appointment. Below is from Kim Cape, General Sec. of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry.

"Many people have contacted GBHEM since the General Conference secretary issued a statement that security of appointment was not removed. I am urging caution in interpreting General Conference action. At the request of the General Conference, the Judicial Council has scheduled a review of the security of appointment legislation at their fall 2012 session.

While General Conference Secretary Fitzgerald Reist is correct that ¶334 was not changed to mirror changes to ¶337 which removed security of appointment, there are different interpretations of what it means to have both paragraphs in 2012 The Book of Discipline. I invite you to read the statement from the Ministry Study Committee and the survey of opinions in the UMNS news story by Heather Hahn.

It is also important to remember that the ministry legislation does not go into effect until January 2013, so there is time for these issues to be clarified. For the 2012 appointment cycle, security of appointment clearly remains in effect."

Kim Cape, General Secretary, GBHEM

Never a dull moment in the UMC. Grace, Kathy

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