October 8, 2010

New Life for an Old Robe?

Last spring, Mike, my husband, purchased a new white robe to wear each Sunday. He brought his old robe home and I stuffed it into a box in the garage.

Last weekend I cleaned the garage -- a semi-annual project-- and I found his robe. I washed it. After it dried, I held the cloth close to my heart, thinking about all of the Sunday services, weddings, funerals, baptisms, communions that the robe witnessed. I just couldn't throw it away.

I thought perhaps I might make baptismal outfits for grandchildren yet to be born (our two daughters aren't even interested in marriage at ages 32 and 25), but there isn't enough fabric. I remember the last time he purchased a new robe, I cut twenty-- 4 inch squares, pieced to a little quilt and used it as a prayer cloth when I prayed for Mike.

Since I still have and use the prayer quilt, I need to find another idea. Any thoughts?

God, there are times when objects or clothing become holy because of their use in your kingdom. Guide my hands and thoughts how to preserve in a meaningful way the robe that Mike wore for over twenty years. Amen.

Jacquie Reed,
Fishers, Indiana

1 comment:

  1. If there's not enough fabric for multiple baptismal outfits, you could (a) make one and pass it around the family. Unless someone has twins, that would work fine and be even more of an heirloom, or (b) make multiple bonnets.

    This is all girly, of course, and I'm personally not sure how I would feel about putting a son in my husband's heirloom lacy, ribbony baptismal gown that he and his brother both wore. Fortunately, our first child was a girl, but since it's important to the family, I'm sure I would put it on a son too.