October 11, 2010

Genesis One According to Kindergartners

This morning I taught the art rotation for Sunday school to a wiggly bunch of twelve kindergartners.

I read the story from a beautifully illustrated book and then posed the question: "If you were God, what would you create on day one, two, etc." Here are there answers:

Day one - grass, people, plants, cars
Day two - stores, animals, houses, day, night
Day three - sun, sky
Day four - books, tables, food, library, the Bible
Day five - mud, clothes, chairs, money
Day six - nuts, nutcracker, spiderwebs, paint, television
Day seven - rest

I was encouraged that they listened close enough to include a few items from the first chapter of Genesis--plants, animals, grass, people, day, night, sun, sky -- and then included a few items God neglected.

I really enjoyed getting into the world of these five and six year-olds and learn how they perceived the creation story.

God I thank you for the opportunity to be with little ones in your kingdom. Help me to listen to their thoughts and teach them as you direct. Amen.

Jacquie Reed
Fishers, Indiana

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