October 27, 2010

Feed Some Feedback: Internet Churches?

Friends, I need your help with some feedback about Internet churches.

What do you think about them?

Have you ever checked one out?

How does your church use the Internet and/or other social media?

Thanks for your help.



  1. I think they are great. Probably not as a total alternative to "real life" church, but I'm glad the option is out there for when people can't get out of the house, want to try out a different church in a zero-pressure way, or--like me--want to attend a more vibrant, contemporary church than the one my husband pastors!

    I've visited Granger and Seacoast's online services--gccwired.com and seacoast.org.

  2. I'm not sure I know what an internet church means. I will have to try the online services Jessica has visited. Is it like viewing a morning worship of a live service or is it all done on the computer? Is it denominational or does it perhaps have varying beliefs that differ from Methodists? I guess I am just not "with it" anymore as that quoted expression indicates. I shall reserve further comments until I view the web site.