March 14, 2014

Hidden Messages

If you think you're observant, take a look at what's "hidden" in these familiar logos.

Funny thing is, at least for me, once you've seen it, you can't "unsee." Every time I go past that ice cream place, I'll forever see the "31."

Being a Christian is much the same. Once someone knows you're a Christian, they will never look at you the same way. That's because people have preconceived ideas of what Christians are supposed to be like. Sometimes that's a good thing, but many times people suppose we vote a particular way or hold certain opinions, which we may or may not.

No one likes to be prejudged, despite our mistakes, gaffs, and lapses in judgement. So let's just be kind and gracious to each other, even in the church. And extend the grace that God so freely gives us.

Blessings on your ministry.

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