December 11, 2013

What Attracts People to Your Church and Keeps Them Coming Back?

The answer to that question is as varied as there are people. But there are some obvious answers. Most of which you probably know, but maybe need just a reminder.

People need multiple points of entry to your church. So you have to decide which your church can do. In the case of our church, folks come for the youth program. Others come because they believe in the missions we do in the community. Some come because they are United Methodist and have relocated to our city. Some come because of the worship, preaching, and music. But more and more come because they found us on the Internet.

It used to be that the church front door was at the front of the building. Increasingly, the front door of your church is your Internet page! If your church does not have a page, there are plenty of models and, at least, our denomination provides help to set one up--or just ask a youth in your church or community.

Internet pages are always works in process and need constant updating like any other piece of property. Here are a few examples from churches of all sizes.

Yesterday, I went to my dentist, David Dickerson. I think my dentist is great and one reason is that he is always on the cutting edge. He is always aware of the latest in dental care, but he also strives to improve his care for us patients. Before I had my appointment, I not only received a phone call reminder, but I got an email. Then after the appointment, I had the next appointment emailed to me to make sure the date was still ok. Then I got an email so I could offer feedback to make his practice even better. You may say that it too many emails, but I like it. And it lets me know that he is working not only to care for my health but to become more efficient and provide a better place for his staff to work.

The point? We need to do more than get people in our church, we need to let them know that the church cares for them and is actively trying to do a better job in caring for them. We need follow-up and follow-through. I recommend my dentist to my friends who are looking for a dentist. Churches can benefit from the same principle.

Please feel free to share your church website and what you are doing to attract people and keep them coming back.

Grace, Kathy

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