December 6, 2013


Here in Tennessee, even the threat of snow sends everybody to the grocery for milk and bread. The reason is that for us when the weatherman says "Snow," we get ice and snow. So when the forecaster predicts bad weather for the weekend, the first question many church folk ask is, "Will we have church on Sunday?" The answer is always, yes, but it doesn't stop folks from asking.

Last night with the forecast of an approaching snow and ice storm, we had buckets of rain. (Ice is supposed to come in the morning.) But it was also the night for our women's group (UMW) Christmas party, which was to be held in a member's home. As I drove in the awful weather, I kept thinking that I might be the only person there. It would be just me and the party hostess. She had already told me about all her preparations, and I didn't want her to have done all that work for nothing. So, at least in my mind, I bravely drove to her house expecting to find no one else there.

But guess what? When I got there, everybody was already there. It was one of the best attended meetings we've had recently. In fact one of the women said that her Bunko group had been known to get out when tornadoes threatened just to play a game.

Sure, I was happy to see my friends, but I was also a bit surprised. For some of these people were the same people who were asking if we are having church Sunday. Go figure!

What kind of priorities do we have? And what priorities should we have?

Grace, Kathy

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