July 30, 2013

Yelling the Name of Jesus

I love my Sunday School class and if there is any wisdom in this, you can give them the credit.

In the midst of the hurry and worry of daily living, sometimes we falter and turn away from God. There may be lots of reasons and dozens of good intentions, but the bottom line is that we get off track and wander away from God's path for us. So what can we do? One easy but wise way is simply to call upon the name of Jesus.

So when that person cuts you off in traffic, your child gets on your last nerve, or even when the church's demands won't stop, just speak the name of Jesus. Jesus' name is not some kind of magical formula, but saying his name can remind us that we are straying and that we need to set our sights back on God.

One of the guys in my Sunday School class was kidding another class member, saying that during our recent Youth Week, he heard his friend not just saying the name of Jesus but yelling it loudly. We all laughed. But sometimes we have to yell just to make sure we hear it ourselves.

I'm not a particularly spiritual  person, but I can do this--saying the name of Jesus when things are going badly. And I've tried it. It really does help me and perhaps it can help you too.

So whether we whisper or yell the name of Jesus, God will honor our prayer and help guide us back in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

Grace and Peace,

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