May 22, 2012

Saving Aesha

Did you see this story about this young woman yesterday? Do any of us know of a plastic surgeon who might donate efforts help her disfigurement? I wonder how it is with her soul? Who is reaching out to help her and others like her? How can we best help? What is your church doing?

Growing up I learned that being a woman was not a handicap or a hurtle to doing anything I wanted to do or be. As I grew up, however, I found out that there was some "fine print." Some of these lessons came from serving on our Tennessee Conference Commission on the Status and Role of Women. I served 8 years and came off thinking that the commission's work was really not needed--at least not here. While I'm still convinced that COSROW is mired in bureaucratization and political correctness, there has to be a place for Christian advocates to stand for human rights, especially when women across the world are victimized such as this young woman. Am I just naive to think that this is part of the responsibility of General Conference?

As I read the "results" of our UMC General Conference, I don't see much that will truly make a difference. Certainly nothing that made headlines. Seems that GC only hurt and divided us more. Did we sent a delegation for peace anywhere? Did we speak out and then back up our speak with concrete actions? Who really cares about the Church structure compared to the evil and suffering that exists?

Being a Christian means to bring good news to the captives, liberate the oppressed, and serve to help bring in the Kingdom. Pray for Aesha. Pray for healing for our world. Then go do something to make it happen.

Grace, Kathy

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