May 24, 2012

Be Part of the Solution

Dear Friends, I think we can all agree that we live a unique life. But like everyone else, our lives are busy and filled with expectations, demands, and joy--at least I hope you have a heavy dose of that in your life. But our lifestyle also makes supporting each other difficult. But if you need to talk, share your wisdom, vent, please feel free to email; and, if appropriate, we will post your comments. If you don't want your name attached, it's fine too.

It is annual conference time and moving, for some of us, is not far behind. Please pray for clergy families as they make transitions.

As usual, our conference will have a spouse lunch. It's a great time to reconnect with friends and make new ones. With work schedules, I realize that it's difficult for many to get away, but I've always found it worth it to attend. But even if you don't or can't, make a promise to yourself to welcome a new spouse into your town. We may expect that church people should do the welcoming, but we are part of a connectional Church. I admit, I've not done this well, but I promise to do better. How hard can it be to send a card or make a phone call? And it would be nice if DS spouses would welcome clergy spouses into their district. And let's not forget that DS spouses don't have a home church. If you have a new DS spouse, they might enjoy some of your hospitality. From what I've heard, the role of the DS spouse or even the Bishop's spouse can also be difficult. Let's be part of the solution for revitalizing our Church. Let's offer kindness, a listening ear, and warm hospitality.

Grace, Kathy

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