May 30, 2012

Going Public with Your Faith

While we in America take our freedom to worship God for granted. It's not the same everywhere and in many places persecution is on the rise. Take, for example, the former Soviet Union. Recent laws are making it more difficult for the Church and Christians. This is also true in Uzbekistan, where the church is under increasing attack. Please pray for Christians around the world who are offering their witness at great cost.

With Christians putting their lives on the line, why are we so reluctant to go public with our faith at all?

Recently I had an opportunity to share my faith with the person who sprays our house for bugs. But I didn't. I can think of lots of reasons, but the bottom line is that I didn't follow God's nudge. I didn't think of the fact that my invitation to him might have more edifying for me than him anyway. Like most people, I'm a little reluctant to witness. But I'm not shy about saying how great a credit union we have or how great the finale of American Idol was. Perhaps you might also pray for people like me.

Do someone a favor and invite them to your church this week.

Grace, Kathy

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