February 22, 2012

Ashes on the Go?!

I was listening to the local news this morning on NPR and heard, "Ashes on the go tomorrow on the circle."

"What in the world? Ashes on the go?" I thought.

I got on the church's website and here is what I discovered. There is a large circle in downtown Indianapolis. Businesses, a few restaurants, and a hotel surround the circle, as well as a large Episcopal Church. Here is the invitation on the Christ Church Cathedral website: "No time for Ash Wednesday services? Come by the circle and a priest will impose ashes. Passersby, downtown workers, visiting guests from out of town, and the spiritually curious are welcome to receive ashes at these times: 7:30-9:00 am;11 am-1 pm; 4-5:30 pm."

Is offering "ashes on the go" to those who are "spiritually curious or just walking by the church" demeaning to a very sacred day beginning forty days of preparation for Easter or just a way to meet the spiritual needs of a very busy society?

What are your thoughts?

Jacquie Reed
Fishers, Indiana


  1. The miracle of God does not need a formal worship service to touch the heart. I say anytime we can meet the needs of any person, we should do it. Who knows what will happen to a person who stops for a few minutes to have a symbol of sacrifice pressed on their forehead?

  2. I have to agree. I may wish people would take more time for these rituals but the fact is that it is a "drive through window" world now so I guess we must try to reach people however we can.

  3. Me three. I have a friend who has planted a new church in Chicago, and they did this at several major thoroughfares in the city, and lots of people who would never set foot in a church got to have a meaningful, if brief, spiritual encounter. I think there could be some great seeds planted by that, even while running the risk of letting others be lazy.