September 23, 2011

Would you use this book in your congregation?

Friends, I know many of you teach in your church. I need some feedback about this book idea.

The book would focus on the most common beliefs and practices of historic Christian communities: belief in one God, the distinctive Christian message (the gospel), the practice of baptism and related practices of Christian initiation (chrismation/confirmation, first communion, conversion related religious experiences associated with initiation into the Christian faith), the Lord’s Supper as the fullest expression of the Christian gospel, rites that mark the hallowing of life and vocation (marriage,healing rituals, services for the
consecration of Christian vocations, and rites associated with death and burial), the path of Christian sanctity (including personal and social aspects of holiness or sanctity), and the Christian hope.

Sound interesting? Or not?

Thanks, Kathy


  1. It doesn't sound interesting the way it is presented in your description. Do you have a specific book in mind? Is this to be an academic class? Tell us more about what you have in mind.

  2. My guess is that it might appeal to a few people who really enjoy learning about faith and theology from a more academic perspective, but it probably would not appeal to the majority of most congregations. Its breadth of appeal also might depend a lot on the context of the congregation (i.e., it would probably appeal more to a church in a college town than in a farming community).

  3. The book is proposed by an academic author for use in congregations. Thanks for your help. You've told me what I need to know.