September 8, 2011

A Time Between

One of my favorite authors, Wendy Wright, wrote a book in 1999 called The Time Between: Cycles and Rhythms of Ordinary Time.

Ordinary time is that set of days or sometimes weeks between major events in the liturgical year. The first period of ordinary time begins after Epiphany and ends on Ash Wednesday. The second period of ordinary time begins after Pentecost and ends with the first Sunday in Advent. "The time between" and "ordinary time" have taken on new meaning for me as I attempt to find a faith community following my husband's July 1, retirement.

I haven't found a new church. We've attended five different churches in eight weeks--multiple services on Sunday morning enable us to attend at least two churches each Sunday. I didn't think finding a new church would be difficult, after all, I've asked God to direct me where I can learn, grow and serve, but I haven't heard anything from God. So I've decided that this time between churches-- this "ordinary time" despite the tension, uncertainty, and confusion must be where I need to stay for awhile. I am not willing to "join a church quickly" just to get my feet planted and start running.

Jacquie Reed
Fishers, Indiana

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