September 12, 2011

What if miracles were the norm and not the exception?

This past Sunday, after remembering and remembering 9/11--the victims, the great sadness. My thoughts went to "So where is God?" Then I looked over the congregation. (I sing in the choir, so I see faces and not backs of heads.)

There are so many miracle stories in our church. And all those faces are vivid reminders. There are foster kids, now adopted; saved marriages; a young adult who should have died after breaking his neck diving into a pool; an elderly person who found meaning after an unsuccessful suicide attempt; a young girl who's tumor seems to have vanished. These people sit next to a couple whose marriage is failing; people who are struggling with cancer; people who suffer chronic pain; and so many others. But despite toils and snares, God does not pick and choose. God is present to us all, and that is the miracle.

The miracle is that living with God in the Kingdom is now. We don't have to wait for pie-in-the-sky at some later unspecified time.

We live with miracles all around us, even in the midst of tragedy and storms. Not only that, but we can be miracles to others. That's my prayer anyway.

Grace, Kathy

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