August 24, 2011

The Universe Is Running Away

Yes, it is true. According to the latest science, the universe is expanding at an ever-accelerating pace. It is like, as one scientist said, throwing a ball into the air; and instead of it slowing down and then falling, the ball just keeps going up higher and higher and faster and faster. Hard to imagine, but that is the current thinking. We live in a universe of energy and dark energy, matter and dark matter.

This brings up so many questions, like: What is the universe expanding into? Or do words like "into," "up," "down" have any meaning in that context? We think we know so much, but, in truth, we are so ignorant.

The same is true in our thinking about God. Where is God? What does it really mean to have a relationship with God? We have inklings; we have Jesus; but that is about it, or maybe that is enough. But is also hopeful--every reaching to discover and know more. When I get tired of reading the news, I pick up a copy of Discover Magazine or Scientific American. Here is a lesson that we, the Church, need to keep in view:Hope is vital to our world and if we short-change hope, we as Christians have nothing real to offer.

In these days when it is popular to criticize the Church and bemoan our system of organization, we might remember that we are also the Body of Christ and we should act that way, even with each other. But we must also beckon our dark and broken world, to the Light of our Salvation.

The universe may be running away, but we must embrace, then share, the hope of Christ.

Grace, Kathy

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