August 22, 2011

Homecoming and Note Burning

With so much bad news, I thought I'd share a little good news about what is happening at our church. Yesterday, we had Homecoming. After a stormy Saturday night, the Sunday skies were clear. The crowd was great; the guest preacher was inspiring; and the supper afterward was filling (very).

Then we had the note burning. The entire process of expanding our church facilities has been amazing, with little, if any, dissent. While I am sure God's hand has been involved, there was also a whole lot of planning and work that went into making the project happen, from the real estate deal that one of our members brokered, to the congregational input, to the spirit of servanthood on the part of the leadership team.

Just so you have some awareness of the magnitude. To buy the land that will one day be the site of our new sanctuary, the church had to raise 8 times the amount it had raised in the past. No one really thought we could do it, but with everyone doing their part, we did. When the announcement came that the money was pledged, there was an audible gasp in the room. That was three years ago. Even in difficult economic times, the money came in and pledges were honored.

So we all had a part of that note and it felt very good to burn it.

What exciting things are happening in your church?

Grace, Kathy
Clarksville, TN

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