August 29, 2011

Storms: The Satellite View

Looking at the eastern sea broad and seeing Hurricane Irene move slowly up the coast really wasn't much of a concern to me as long as the storm seemed far away from any of my loved ones. But the moment I realized that I had 2 children living in the projected path, I started making phone calls and emails. As it turned out, they were fine. In fact one was a little annoyed that I was worried about her at all. She kinda drew the line when I called her to remind her to get gas. And I suppose she has a point, but I'm still the mother. So she can be mad at me as long as she gets gas and is OK.

Storms seen far away can seem like things of beauty, although terrible. And the big-picture view, the satellite view, gives a different, more objective perspective. The satellite view is fine until you realize that the view from space is nothing like being on the ground in the middle of the rain and wind.

Still I am grateful for the different points of view. Each has its value and can help us make different kinds of decisions. And we need both--the big picture and the one from the ground. I also guess I could draw some theological points, but I think they are pretty clear.

Hope you are yours are safe from all storms.

Grace, Kathy

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