July 15, 2011

How's Your New Church?

While I really dislike feeling unsettled, there are some real pluses to moving. For one thing the house begins totally clean and uncluttered. Although in our case, we are still moving all the stuff our girls left behind. And I like meeting new people, even though I miss old friends.

But moving has never been something I look forward to. When I think about it, it is just overwhelming. As I prayed for those of you who moved this year, I remembered the time we moved from our first to our second church (actually there were 4 churches on the circuit with a total membership of over 650). My husband was off at junior high camp leaving me with our 4 week-old baby, and, thankfully, my mother-in-law came to help. Because I was so nervous and excited, I stayed up most of the night before. The move went OK even though the moving van folks were lazy. Our furniture was mostly hand-me-downs and might not have been much to look at, but I certainly didn't want it scratched up. And the moving men didn't take kindly to being directed by a 25 year-old young woman. Believe me, my husband never left me alone to move by myself again. Even so, I grew up a lot that day.

The new parsonage was nicer than the one we left, but the church folks had run out of money and only did part of the needed work. I'm not sure what they thought we would do with carpet rolled up in one of the bedrooms. But since there were only three of us and we didn't need that room anyway, I just closed the door. Looking back, it is both funny and sad--but mostly funny.

If you moved this year, I hope it went well and that you are off to a clean start. Sometimes it's good to start fresh, with renewed hope and faith. Please know that others are praying for you during this time of transition.

Grace, Kathy

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