September 27, 2010

Travel Soccer, Travel Football, Travel Dance Team...

We had a great day yesterday at church. The hospitality was radical, the worship was passionate, the faith development was intentional, mission and service took risks, and the generosity was extravagant. In other words, we were impeccable in the five practices department. But where was everyone?

This is not to say that no one was at church, but there were fewer. Many of the youth were on an outing with our youth director, but many families were elsewhere-- not that they stayed at home or even just slept in. No, many were with their children who were on traveling soccer, football, hockey, and/or dance teams, and the list continues.

I realize this whole "I want my kid to be successful and have fun" thing is important. Our daughter participated in Color Guard and missed a number of Sundays. But what should our Christian response be?

Do we make our kids go to church? Do we tell them that in the great scheme of things, church ranks after sports? Does the commitment to church take a back seat to our commitment to the team? Do we take our church and witness beyond the walls? Do we miss the opportunity to be part of Sunday worship? What do you think?


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