September 1, 2010

Fall Kick-offs and New Year Resolutions

Even though I don't have kids at home anymore, Fall still seems the beginning of a new year. Funny how the new school year also means a new church beginnings, for example our church kicks-off its Wonderful Wednesday program tonight with a family (and neighborhood) cookout.

With this new beginning, it almost feels like I need to make New Year's resolutions all over again. So here they are:

1. I resolve to let the light of Christ shine through me in all I do and say.
2. I resolve to do my part to make our church a welcoming, affirming, mission-orientated place.
3. I resolve not to feel guilty when I have to say no.

Ok, that is probably more than enough.

As your church enters into a new school year and kicks-off Fall programs, what resolutions will you make?

Grace, Kathy

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