August 17, 2010

Our Church in Mission Is a Good Thing

Yesterday, a friend told me that she saw our church van in her neighborhood helping with the flood clean-up. She was excited to know that people she knew (sort of) were helping, and she was proud that her denomination was doing Christ's work in the world. It was as though she was helping too.

So often, it is too easy to gripe about the Church, but there are lots of times when the Church really does step up and act as the Body of Christ.

There is a new book by Adam Hamilton called When Christians Get It Wrong. It makes the point that the reason why there aren't more Christians is because of the poor witness we Christians do make. And it is a great book.

But Christians also get it right. These acts of love and care will probably never make the headlines, but they are our witness and God does use them.

Hope you have a great day by being Christ's hands and feet today.

Clarksville, TN

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