August 30, 2010

My three favorite books in high school were A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, To Kill A Mockingbird, and The Diary of Anne Frank -- each of which mentions a tree throughout. (I read recently that the chestnut tree to which Anne Frank frequently referred was toppled by wind and heavy rain. )

Anne wrote in her diary in 1944, "I look up at the blue sky and the bare chestnut tree, on whose branches little raindrops shine, appearing like silver." From this, I realized how aware Anne was of the minute details of the tree. Her poetic words offer a beautiful picture of a view outside the window. I feel her "visits" to the tree refreshed and energized her as she lived in small, cramped quarters for so many years.

When I am dealing with a challenge or difficulty, I find myself much more focused on the simple elements of life: a drop of rain on a blade of grass, the rabbits chasing each other in the backyard, the color of flowers, the interaction of mothers and children. However, when life is good, so to speak, I pick up again, not nearly as much aware as I was when things weren't going well.

God, increase my awareness of all parts of your creation, every day, no matter what is happening in my life.


Jacquie Reed
Fishers, Indiana

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