August 5, 2010

MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, and more and more...

Most of our spouses, and mine for sure, have a difficult time taking time off and away from the church. But the social media and all the technology of the past 20 years is just making taking time away even more difficult.

While I objected to my spouse carrying a beeper (years ago), he now uses 2 cell phones, a Facebook page, a pda, 2 PCs, and a Mac. And with the amount of email he gets, he could just answer that all day every day. My question is: How much is enough? People want instant access and response 24/7. So how do you turn down the pace or can you?

Don't get me wrong. I love having a cell phone and the rest, but I also like to just talk to people in person.

What about you and your family? How do you keep the boundaries between you and the church clear and reasonable?

Clarksville, TN

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  1. I came to realize I don't need a cell phone, and I don't. If the church wants me to have one, they can pay for it, but personally, I don't need a cell phone. I have a Tracfone that works well in case of a roadside emergency. The only electronic device I have for communication is a computer.