May 17, 2010

Vacation Time! (new poll)

Last week's poll revealed that 52% of respondents do in fact sit alone during worship. (36% said they sit up front, which may explain why no one has joined them!) Joking aside, this does reflect the lonely state of some pastors' spouses as they are known by everyone and yet by no one.

My husband and I cherish the times when we have a guest preacher and he can come sit with me in the pew. We hold hands and share a whispered comment or two (inconspicuous, since I sit in the back!) and enjoy that rare opportunity to sit together in worship. We also cherish the even-rarer occasions when we go on vacation and Sunday can really be a sabbath to us, rather than a work-day.

Which brings me to today's poll, fitting as the weather gets warmer, schools let out for the summer, and the beach or mountains call to us...

Do you go to church when on vacation?

Jessica Miller Kelley is an editor in Nashville and blogs regularly at The Parsonage Family.


  1. Though we rarely vacation on a Sunday, when we do, we try to find a UMC in the area we're staying. It's fun to see how those churches worship and we still feel connected to them because we share a denomination with them.

  2. Yes, we also try to find a UMC to attend on vacation. It's interesting to see both how similar and yet how different UM churches are in different parts of the country. And frankly, only going to a church service still seems like a vacation from church, because there in none of the other weekly stuff I usually do.

  3. I have to add, if we didn't go to church, we would be like parents without their children talking about "what do you think they're doing now?" wonder how they did with the announcements, bulletin, preaching, etc"
    So, if all we're going to think about is a worship service, we may as well attend one : )