May 19, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies, Wrapping Paper, and More

Every week, we are asked by members of the church for donations to various causes. All of the needs are very worthwhile. The problem is we do not have resources to give to every fundraiser.

We tithe, we support a young woman in school in Africa through Operation Classroom, and we have a child through Compassion International. It is hard to say no to children soliciting funds for his/her school, Girl Scouts, Race for the Cure, Relay for Life, band trips to college football bowl games, etc.

I would like to know how other clergy and spouses handle such requests. How do you choose?

Jacquie Reed is a pastor's spouse in Fishers, Indiana.


  1. Great question..
    This is how I handle the many requests for fundraisers or donations...when they come from children or teens...

    "I'm sorry sweetheart...I wish I could but I'm not able to...But guess what? I have something special for you today!"

    Then I offer them lolly pop, new pencil, sticker or a bookmark!

    These items can be purchased very inexpensively through stores like oriental trading company, dollar general, or wal-mart...

    How often am I asked? Maybe a couple times a month? So, it's easy to have a few treats in my purse to make the child or teen feel good and know that I care about them, even though I can't order or donate to their organization.

    Although I wish that I could donate to all organizations, its just not possible. So instead of a flat out NO...I like to make the person asking feel special...because after all that's what God wants us to do... love our neighbors!!

  2. Because one can only have so many candles, and because we most definitely don't NEED chocolates : ) or wrapping papers, we usually offer to give a few dollars as a donation to whatever cause the kids are raising funds for instead of buying stuff from everyone.

    As an example, a girl is raising money for a trip to New York. They're selling candles that cost $10. They're getting 50% profit. So, I give her $5 to go for her trip. She gets about the same, but I save money.

    My husband is far too, um, generous and after a Jump Rope fundraiser a few of our church kids did, we ended up owing them $77. He's been told his response to donation requests is, "Go talk to my wife!"

  3. First of all, I only make a donation to church kids...that helps in the neighborhood. When it is a 'tight time' I tell the child I already ordered a '....' from someone, sorry. first person who asks...then I'm done. I also give a few dollars instead of buying something we don't need.
    I really like the idea of a 'special something' for them tho. Great idea!