May 24, 2010

Gone Fishing (new poll!)

Last week's poll revealed that 41% of respondents "always or almost always" go to church when on vacation. It can certainly be nice to worship in a new place where you're not in charge, where you can get a fresh perspective, and maybe gain some new ideas for your own congregation.

It can also be nice (like the 25% who say they don't go to church on vacation) to enjoy a different Sunday routine from the usual, and to rest and recharge in ways that don't involve organized communal worship.

Either way, it's a given that we all need time to relax. For many people, that time comes around every week--it's called a weekend. But for our pastor-spouses spending at least part of Saturday and Sunday "on duty," they may not get even one full day "off" except when they go on vacation. I've heard of some churches that close their offices on Friday and Saturday, replicating somewhat of a "normal" weekend, just a day early. Other pastors take Monday off, much like a restaurant recuperating from a busy weekend of working so that others can "play." Some may not have any official "off-duty" time, seizing moments for relaxation wherever they fit in the schedule that week (or not).

How does your spouse do it? Two official days? One? None?
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And in the comments, how do you feel about that? Is it enough time?

Disclaimer: I apologize to pastors' husbands out there for using "he" in the poll. Sometimes it can be cumbersome to say "he or she" or "s/he" and I opted to keep it simple!


  1. Even though my husband schedules 2 days off a week, he is still "on call." So in actuality he only gets a part of those days and sometimes none at all. And even if we are out of town, there have been times when we've had to come back for emergencies, like funerals.

  2. I remember at time before ministry when my husband would be "on call" for work 1 weekend a month...and now!! It's 24 hours a day! lol

    But we never seem to mind because it is a given that the members will have needs, and we enjoy loving them.

    On another note...
    Week and a half till conference and we have been told we are moving! Husband is being appointed to a larger church...we are very thankful to have finally been told, waiting patiently isn't easy but God has really blessed us!

    This article of moving steps is great! SUper helpful for pw's like me who are still very new at this!
    Thank you for this blog!
    Blessings to you!

  3. Before moving in to the new parsonage, be sure to make pictures of every room so that you will have pictoral proof of any damages that were done prior to your arrival. I also make notes for the parsonage committee as I find any repair that needs to be done before items have been put in place.

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