February 22, 2010

How open is your church?

I had just finished swimming laps. The guy in the lane next to me noted that one of the lanes had just been marked for use by the out-patient physical therapy department, now part of the Y complex. He began, "I get irritated when the lanes are taken over by swim lessons and now this. They never ask the members for suggestions or if it is ok to open lanes for others. They let everybody else in and then there are fewer lanes for lap swimmers. I wish they would ask for opinions before making changes -- it is just like church. No one asks, they make changes all of the time." And off he went continuing his swim.

His comments stayed with me throughout the day. Do members at your church feel that they can express an opinion about potential changes or are they like this man who feels that he has no voice in what happens? What do you think about this man's comments? How are changes in your church presented to the congregation? How free do you free to voice your own opinion?

Jacquie Reed pastor's spouse, Fishers, Indiana.

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