December 1, 2009

Welcome to SpouseConnect!

If your spouse is a pastor, this is a space for you to be you. Feel free to share your hope and vent your anger. Feel free to share an opinion or favorite coping strategy. It is our hope that you will connect here to find the support, information, and camaraderie that you need.

SpouseConnect was started because pastors’ spouses too often feel lonely, disconnected, and frustrated, and have no one they can openly, honestly share these feelings with.

Not long ago, I (Kathy) was at a gathering of other ministry spouses. Because we have known each other for years, the conversation quickly deepened beyond the usual, “Hi, where does your spouse serve?” One friend, in particular, shared how lonely being a minister’s spouse had been for her. Sadly, the rest of us agreed. But we also shared how there had been other spouses who mentored us and introduced us around. Mine was Mary Morris. But we felt that much of the mentoring was now lacking.

When I got home, frankly I got a little angry. Why does it have to be that way?

Well, you know, it doesn’t. So I started thinking about what to do about it. When I got to work on Monday, I approached my colleague, Jessica, also a pastor’s spouse, who is so much more computer savvy than me. Amazingly, she had similar thoughts. The end result is this blog.

We hope you will find some inspiration in the writings of other ministry spouses, and find people you connect with here. Feel free to join in on the conversation by commenting on posts that strike a chord.

Can I remain anonymous? Sure. We hope this will be a safe space for you to be yourself. If you feel safer commenting anonymously, that’s fine! Just click “Anonymous” when commenting.

Are there any rules here? Yes. No personal attacks. No inappropriate language. Be kind. This is the Internet, after all, so use good judgment.

What if I have questions? Contact the general SpouseConnect e-mail address at

As people intimately connected to the Church, we see the very best and the very worst of people. The purpose of this blog is to help bring out the very best as we live faith, shout hope, and love one another.

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  1. My pastor husband sent me a link to this website. He's a wonderful husband, but there a times that I wish he had a different job. I know it's his calling, but it has been difficult for me moving, changing jobs, and trying to make friends. All ideas are welcome!