December 4, 2009

Prayers and Polls

We want to introduce a couple of regular features to SpouseConnect that will enhance our interaction and build our community as fellow ministry spouses and children of God.

First, Prayer Concerns. Please e-mail us at anytime with prayer concerns you would like to lift up in the SpouseConnect community. We will not include your name or your church's name unless you request it. We will compile all the concerns received each week to share in one post for this purpose each Friday.

These can be specific prayers for your family and your congregation, or any other needs you are aware of. Bearing one another's burdens is a huge part of why this site exists, and we can all use a good reminder to go to God in prayer for the concerns that spouses may or may not lift up in the larger congregational setting.

The second regular feature will be a poll, posted on the upper right side of the blog. This may not be as frequent or regular a feature as our weekly prayer concerns, but watch for new polls every so often so that we can express our opinions on various issues in a simple, statistical way. (If you subscribe in a Reader, click on over to the site in order to see and respond to the poll. A new post will announce when a new poll is up!)

Since we are a brand new site, let's see who else is here! Our first poll just asks whether you are a ministry wife, ministry husband, PK, etc. Just click on the appropriate circle and click "VOTE!"

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