June 13, 2014

Helping the Next Parsonage Family Make a Smooth Transition

About one third of us move each year, at least in my conference. Here are some ways you can help make the next parsonage family transition smoothly.

1. Well before the move, meet with the new family and get to know them. Then show them the parsonage. Also be prepared if they don't like some of the things you love about the house.
2. If the family is new to town, leave a list of important phone numbers, for example, the trash pick-up people, the nearest grocery, where to get the best coffee, where to go eat after church on Sunday, etc.
3. Make sure you leave the warranty info and directions to the various appliances.
4. Say positive things about the family to the church folks. Share some of their interests and different ways they can connect with the congregation.
5. Leave the parsonage clean when you leave, but know that the church folks will probably clean, paint, etc. after you go. Some churches use the time between parsonage families to do repairs and spruce things up.

Saying good bye can be hard, but we all want the next family to make a great first impression. You can help make that happen.


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