June 12, 2014

Book Review: Three Simple Truths by Adolf Hansen

Adolf Hansen, former pastor, vice-president emeritus at Garrett-Evangelical Seminary, theologian in residence at St. Luke's United Methodist Church, Indianapolis, has spent time exploring his own beliefs, and selected three truths which have been formative and important to his faith. His book, Three Simple Truths: Experiencing Them in Our Lives devotes a chapter to each truth, examining each one, word by word or phrase by phrase. 

Dr. Hansen's three simple truths are: God is good, all the time; God works for good, in everything; and Trust God, no matter what. His book is appropriate for group or individual study, and is published by Inkwater Press, Portland, Oregon.

He includes numerous references to scripture, offers"'pauses for reflection" in each chapter, and concludes each truth with a personal experience, questions for discussion, practices to express each truth, a prayer, and an original short song.

I found Three Simple Truths to have great depth in meaning and a thorough exploration of the truths presented. I especially appreciated the"'pauses for reflection" and the many suggestions at the end of each chapter to expand my experience with the scriptures and each truth.  

I highly recommend exploring Three Simple Truths during this period in the church year called Ordinary Time, when I believe we are encouraged to deepen our moments with God in this church season.  

Jacquie Reed

Fishers, Indiana

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