November 1, 2013

All Saints Day

Originally, Halloween was just the prelude to All Saints Day. But these days we celebrate Halloween by dressing up and giving candy away to kids, but we really don't do much for All Saints Day, which is today. We will remember those who have passed away during the past year at church on Sunday, but we don't have services today.

But All Saints Day presents an opportunity for us to think about all the saints that have gone before us and who are now part of that great cloud of witnesses. It's a chance to remember what being a faithful witness is really all about.

In the first church we served, there was a kind soul by the name of Miss Esther. Neither she nor her family came from great means, but she was goodness and light personified. (Although she also made the best coconut cakes I ever ate.) In her own way, Miss Esther taught me what it meant to be an unselfish follower of Jesus. And there have been many times that I wish that I could be as kind hearted as she was.

On this All Saints Day, I also remember my parents, who despite their all too human failings, were as faithful as they knew how to be. I also remember those pastor's spouses who pioneered to make parsonage living easier for me and my family. Further, I pray that when my children and grandkids remember me, they'll think of me as a faithful witness of our Lord.

As the song says, "Let those who come behind us, find us faithful."

I hope you take this opportunity to remember that saints who have touched your life.

Grace, Kathy

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