October 25, 2013

Are We Hard Hearted or Just Tired?

The week began with another school shooting, this time in Nevada. The investigation is continuing as information about the person who committed the crime is gathered, sifted, checked for accuracy and finally released to the public.

I remember back in December when the Newtown shootings occurred. The news was on every station. As the day progressed, pictures of the children, teachers, and other school personnel who were killed appeared on television. Extensive coverage continued through the weekend and into the next week as memorial services and funerals were conducted.

Anytime there is a school shooting my heart trembles. My oldest daughter is a teacher in Denver. Her passion for teaching and compassion for her students far exceeds any expectations a principal might request. She loves and cares for the children as if they were her own.

What distressed me about the shooting, and other school shootings that have occurred since Newtown, is that these events are reported almost nonchalantly--as if we are 'getting used' to such occurrences. Is it "no big deal' anymore that lives are lost in tragic circumstances with consequent emotional harm given to those who witness or survive? I have heard very little since about the shootings, compared to the barrage of coverage that occurred in December.

Are our hearts hardened to loss of life or are we just weary of so much tragedy that happens in our own lives and in the lives of others all around the country. Are those in the news media also weary, reducing their coverage of these tragic events that happen way too often.


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