June 4, 2013

Missing Matisse....and God

Today I visited a home built in 1904, which I have admired from the street for decades. The home, part of a Home Decorator's charity event for a local hospital, was built by  Kurt Vonnegut's grandfather. The Vonnegut family is long established in Indianapolis. I was exited  to see the interior of this stately home.  

The decorators filled the three stories with many furnishings which looked a little out of place considering  the original floors, fireplaces, elaborate woodwork around hallways and stairs remained. I was more intrigued with the  designs and patterns appearing in the hardwood floors which varied from room to room. 

I carefully followed the arrows directing the visitors, but  almost missed an original Matisse painting located on an inner wall. I was thrilled. I don't think many noticed  because of the location. I took a few pictures while others walked around me captivated by couches, chairs, statues and vases.

Walking around my neighborhood later in the afternoon, I realized seeing the Matisse was the highlight of the tour. I am so lucky I was not distracted by the furniture and other decorations. I reflected further how seeing the famous painting was a metaphor for life with God.

How many times am I distracted by my "to do" list that I neglect a simple act of kindness, like holding open the door for the person behind me or greeting the cashier at the store? How often do I miss a rainbow in the sky or other signs  reminding me of God's presence? Do I let myself 'do one more thing' before I settle into daily meditation and prayer?

God, I ask that when I travel through my day, keep me ever alert to how you might appear in another person or in the natural world or on the radio or in an encounter. I want to receive all you offer me each day.  Amen.

Jacquie Reed  
Fishers, Indiana

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