June 25, 2013

First Sunday at a New Church

As many transition to new churches, please know that there are spouses who are praying for you.

Going to a new church can be difficult because the congregation may still be grieving the loss of the former pastor and the parsonage family. But there will also be many who were ready for a pastoral change and will welcome you with open arms.

In every congregation there are people who were close to the previous pastor and family and some of these people will continue their relationship. It's not that they don't want you, it's just that they may have had a special affinity for the previous family. In our case, there have been people in every congregation that we have kept in touch with over the years. I treasure these friendships. These friends have been with us through difficult times and we have seen each other's kids grow up. But this is not to say that this interferes with their relationship with their current pastor.Their pastor is still their pastor. And frankly, it is often easier to be friends after we leave their church.

So I hope that those of you who are moving meeting some new friends and get off to a great start.

When the church is at its best, it really becomes the Body of Christ.

Grace, Kathy

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