April 11, 2013

Help and Tips for Moving to a New Church

As some of us get ready to move to new churches, perhaps you'll share some helpful tips about moving into a new home by leaving comments below this post.

While many churches still have parsonages, a growing number just give a housing allowance for the pastor's family to buy a home. We had the good fortune to be able to buy a house and live in it for about 9 years. Then when we moved to another church that has a parsonage, we rented out our home. I will say that renting has its drawbacks, but overall, it's been a good thing for us. And having our own house makes me feel much more secure if something were to happen to my spouse.

Here are some helpful moving tips:

1. Clean your house and clean out the clutter before you move. You really don't want to move the clutter with you, especially if you are moving into a smaller house.
2. Have a yard sale. Moving can be a great way to get rid of stuff and organize what you have left.
3. Just accept the fact up front that some of what you have won't fit, match, or be usable in your new house.
4. Pack so that you will have a place to stack the boxes. I've found it helpful to pack one room at a time, leaving things we need everyday for last. This means that I pack the dining room first and then stack boxes in there.
5. As you pack, mark and number the box! Show where it came from, what's inside, and where it goes.
6. Keep a list on a sheet of paper with those box numbers and what's inside. I know this sounds like a royal pain; but it really helps, especially if you have to tell the movers where to put the boxes. This will also help keep you from losing things.
7. Let the kids help as much as you can, but when you unpack, try to set up their rooms as much the same as before. And take those special bears, blankets, toys or whatever with you in the car if you can.
8. If you have professional movers, keep an eye on them and make sure that they don't damage your things. We had one mover want to leave my dining room table outside because the weather turned rainy. I told them to leave it on the truck if that was the case. I know most movers work hard and are honest, but many are careless--it's not their stuff after all.
9. Let the new church folks know when you will be moving in. They'll want to know and will want to welcome you with some good food.
10. Pray for a smooth transition and for the family that is following you at your old church.

Grace, Kathy

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