March 28, 2013

Encountering the Heart of Jesus

I wonder what Jesus was thinking as his death approached. Not many people know thier life expectancy, but Jesus did. I spent time reading scripture preceding the Last Supper, trying to get closer to Jesus' heart during these final days.   

I carried these thoughts with me a few hours later when I went to the hospital to visit a clergy friend, Jimmy.   Jimmy is  93 years old, dying of congestive heart failure. Jimmy was appointed to many  churches in   the former South Indiana Conference. He was  a district superintendent. Jimmy's son, also  a pastor, and his daughter, were  in the room.  

Although his  breathing was labored and speech difficult to understand, he managed to say, "I am going to heaven." I realized Jimmy must be in that in-between place where his  body is on earth, while  his soul is already experiencing  what is to come.

Reflecting later, I believe God gave  me an encounter to answer  the question  that began my day. Jimmy  shared an awareness of ending as well as  beginning giving me a glimpse of Jesus' heart as he too approached death.  

Thank you God for providing an experience to deepen my understanding of your Son.

Jacquie Reed 
Fishers, Indiana

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